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Commercial Insurance Claims

You can find everything you need to start your claims process right here. Plus our claims management experts are always standing by to guide you and answer questions.

If you are involved in an accident involving a serious injury or fatality, please contact us immediately by following the accident reporting instructions, below.

Our claims process

At Skyward Specialty we hold ourselves accountable to deliver excellence to our partners and customers in every aspect of business. One of the most important elements of our relationships is how we handle claims. Work with us, and you and your customers can expect:

Our claims professionals have worked in the specialty P&C industry for decades upon decades. We know the intricacies of handling claims in uncommon segments.
With experience comes deep knowledge and proficiency in the segments we serve. You can be sure a true expert is handling your claim. We have dedicated teams to handle claims in construction, mining, professional liability and every other type of claim covered by our insurance.
With Skyward Specialty, you can be certain that every claim will be handled with a meticulous eye for the finest details.

We know what a good claim looks like in our areas of operation. If we see that something is not right, we will fight for fairness on your behalf.


If you need to report a claim, review our processes below.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

To report a Job-Related Claim and for all Workers’ Compensation Claims, contact:

Medcor Nurse Triage at 833-523-0281.

To locate an authorized medical provider, Visit our Talispoint site.

Property & Casualty Claims

To report any injury (non-work related), auto or trucking accident, or any type of property damage:

Call: 888-321-0714  

Or email your claims questions


Send all claim submissions and reports (including electronic submissions) to the following:


To learn more about how to report a surety claim, please send an email to suretyclaims@skywardinsurance.com


To request a loss run, please send an email to: lossruns@skywardinsurance.com

General Agents

We can only provide Loss Runs for policies written through your agency. If you would like Loss Runs for any other policies, please include a written request on the insureds’ Company letterhead and signed by an officer or owner of the insured.

Retail Agents

Loss Runs will only be provided if the request includes a written authorization on the insureds’ Company letterhead, which is signed by either an officer or owner of the insured.


Please submit your request on Company letterhead, signed by an officer or owner.

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