Medical Stop-Loss

We create accident and health insurance packages for self-insured clients to drive down costs, help protect businesses, and help build profitable relationships.

Partnership is everything

In today’s medical benefits environment, producers and their clients need a stop-loss insurance partner that’s experienced, thorough, flexible, and creative. Skyward Specialty is all of the above. We help you offer coverage to protect all manner of businesses with self-insured plans. Our packages are custom-built to mirror the provisions in the employer’s underlying plan. With Skyward Specialty, you’re never getting one-size-fits-all. We create coverage tightly around the insured’s parameters, no fluff. This lowers costs and helps bring value to the relationship.

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Looking out for you and your clients

When you partner with Skyward Specialty, you’re also getting a steadfast advocate. We’ve been around the medical benefits block a few million times and we know when it’s appropriate to push back on provider charges. We’ll fight for what’s right on behalf of the employer, making relationships ever stronger.

Reference Pricing is a great pathway to creating sustainable benefit plans. Stop-loss is pivotal in that journey since it reflects the value of cost up pricing in its premiums. Skyward Specialty has distinguished itself as a partner adapting its underwriting to this emerging market while leaning in to understand the nuances of RBP plan administration.

Ed Day, CEO HS Technology

Our Coverages

We offer the complete range of packages to help protect self-insured employers with medical stop-loss.

  • Specific Coverage (Individual Coverage)
  • Coverage for groups with as few as 10 participants
  • Specific Deductibles starting at $7,500
  • Standard 12-month contract terms, including incurred and paid as well as run-in and run-out contracts
  • Unlimited Specific Maximums
  • Aggregate Coverage
  • Aggregate Benefit Maximums up to $2,000,000
  • Reference Based Pricing
  • Captive Arrangements for select partners
  • MEWA stop-loss available in states that certify MEWAs to self-fund
  • Specific Advancement included with all Policies
  • Terminal Liability Options for both Specific and Aggregate
  • Aggregating Specific Deductibles in exchange for reduced Specific premiums
  • Deferred Aggregating Specific Deductibles available for select groups
  • Early Lock-In available for select groups
  • No New Laser Options available for select groups
  • Gapless 12/15 renewal option
  • Short Contracts for as few as 6 months
  • Long Contracts for as many as 15 months

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