Miscellaneous Professional Insurance

Skyward Specialty provides a range of E&O coverages for businesses with up to $100M in revenue, from consultants to appraisers to real estate agents and many more.

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There are all sorts of professions with very specific insurance needs. Management consultants, staffing agencies, home inspectors, printers, interior decorators, travel agents, and the list goes on and on. Count on Skyward Specialty to help you cover these needs.

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Never underserved

Most carriers don't pay attention to niche professional markets. We do. From our smallest professional sectors to the largest ones, at Skyward Specialty, we see great value in addressing the unique needs of each professional customer when others don't. In fact, addressing these needs is all we do.

Skyward Specialty has done really well for them and that is why they have continued to renew coverage with you guys. From my perspective, your service and attitude is best in class!

Client, Peachtree Insurance Brokers

Our Coverages

We offer the full range of professional insurance for a wide range of companies and practitioners.

  • 3 years of detailed company loss runs
  • A description of professional services performed
  • The résumés of key professionals
  • Contracts for services rendered and recent financial statements

All policies are written on a claims-made-and-reported basis with $5M per claim/$5M aggregate in limits available for all lines, along with various deductible options. Policy enhancements are available by line. Coverage is available in all states except Alaska.

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