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Stephen L. Way

Board Member

Mr. Way is now in his 55th year in the insurance industry, beginning his career as an apprentice at Lloyd’s. In 1974, he founded HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc., serving as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Way was responsible for building HCC from a small undercapitalized insurance company into one of the leading specialty insurance groups in the US and internationally. In 2006, Mr. Way left HCC, and in 2007 founded Southwest Insurance Partners which merged with another insurance group, in 2010, to form Houston International Insurance Group, Ltd. (now known as Skyward Specialty).

Mr. Way served as Skyward Specialty’s CEO and Chairman until May 2020, shepherding the company through many phases of development. Although Mr. Way retired as CEO/Chairman of Skyward Specialty, in May 2020, he remains a Director.